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If you like our website, if there is something you can't find there, or if you have any suggestions for us, please let us know. We are grateful for any kind of criticism, and are always working to optimise this website. Thank you for your feedback!

As our customer, we care about you. We will do our best to make it as convenient and easy as possible to work together with TWL. This customer area has been specially designed for you, giving you easy access to comprehensive information material. You will find a large number of downloads available here.

You will find an online form here that you can use to order directly from your screen. This order will be transmitted automatically to our orders receiving department, and processed as quickly as possible. You will then, of course, receive a confirmation of your order. If any questions come up in connection with your order, one of our staff will soon contact you.

The name of the menu item tells you what's here. You can download both gross and net price lists from here as a PDF file. In order to avoid any possible variations or incorrect prices that can result from delays in updating these files, we do reserve the right to make changes at any time.

A comprehensive collection of all the datasheets is available here, with technical information about our full range of products. The datasheets are sorted according to product groups, and you can download them as PDF files. You will also find here, when available, declarations of conformity, certificates, and usage instructions.

You can download our current advertising material from this menu item. The full catalogue, solar catalogue and flyer material for product innovations are available here to download, as usual, as PDF files.

In order to create your own advertising material for publication in your online shop or for making presentations to your customers, you can obtain product images here which you can then use. We do not, however, allow the photographs to be changed or to be passed on to third parties. The TWL product images may only be used in connection with our TWL products.

Under this menu item you can download forms which, after printing them out, you can complete and return to us by fax or post. These include a standard ordering form, an ordering form for the production of custom storage tanks, or an enquiry form for solar heating.

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copyright by TWL-Technologie GmbH  -  created and hosted by nordicweb  -  Design by Florian Lange

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